Bright Dreams

A family celebrating colors through digital abstract art on the metaverse. Our work is a mix of handcraft and AI.

Our NFTs can be found on KnownOrigin, STXNFT, Layer, Foundations and OpenSea

Art: Outer Space

An artistic family sharing their imaginations on a new frontier

We are a family of artists spanning several generations. Since the 70s, we have produced backgrounds, textiles, and interior designs as freelancers. This new age of blockchain technology invites us to share our thoughts, dreams, and imaginations for your enrichment in this digital world.

Artists in our family range in age from 30s to 70s and reside in both the United States and Canada. Our pieces are a combination of different styles and techniques since we experiment with a wide range of tools and colors.

Art is forever

This is a celebration of colors and we want you to experience our love for colors we see every day. Our visions are unique and complex, just like you. Sales of our NFT art pieces will be used to support our family’s work and expenses.

Layer NFTs
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Art: Rich Memories

Samples on KnownOrigin

Samples on STXNFT

Samples on Layer

Samples on Foundation

Samples on OpenSea